Best Retail Businesses for New Braunfels

  • January 20, 2017
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by Rodney Mishler

This Retail Marketplace report compiled by Esri shows the types of businesses that consumers are leaving the 78130 zip code to find. The business types represented by blue bars are relatively scarce in the area, so consumers go elsewhere to have their needs met. The orange business types are relatively plentiful in the area, meaning there are existing competitors for the dollars that consumers spend in these categories. This report is updated annually.

Let’s discuss what actual businesses some of these business types include.

Direct Selling Esablishments: primarily engaged in the retail sale of merchandise by phone, house-to-house canvassing or from trucks, wagons or other temporary locations. The types of property in which these businesses would be located range from retail sales offices to food truck parks.

E-Shopping & Mail-Order Houses: these are nonstore retailers that would be located in office buildings. Businesses can include healthcare, legal, and administrative support occupations. U.S. retail e-commerce sales for the third quarter of 2016 was $101 Billion.

Vending Machine Operators: another type nonstore retail business. These are coin-operated machines selling merchandise.

Other General Merchandise Stores: primarily engaged in the retail sale of specialized lines of merchandise. Can include art supply stores, cosmetic stores, ice dealers, pet food stores and pet shops, picture frame stores, religious goods stores, retail sales barns, pool and hot tub stores, and orthopedic stores, among others.

Used Merchandise Stores: this industry includes stores primarily engaged in the sale of used merchandise, antiques and secondhand goods. Examples include antique stores, book stores, secondhand clothing stores, furniture stores, musical instrument stores, pawnshops and shoe stores.

Shoe Stores: pretty self explanitory. These are stores primarily engaged in the sale of shoes.

Bars: another easy one to decipher. Bars are primarily engaged in the retail sale of alcoholic drinks, such as beer, ale, wine, and liquor, for consumption on the premises.

Grocery Stores: can include convenience stores, food markets and supermarkets. We see a need for specialty grocery stores.

In summary, this report paints a good picture of some of the retail needs of the New Braunfels market. It’s easy to see that office space should continue to be in strong demand. There are also a few undeserved sectors in town, namely used merchandise stores, bars and specialty grocery stores. Geographically speaking, we see the need for these retailers in the growing areas like FM 306 & FM 1101, Hwy 46 & Clear Springs and Hwy 46 W. & the Loop.